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In vitro & in vivo Pharmacology

In-depth knowledge

To gain profound and relevant preclinical data on efficacy and potency, in-depth knowledge of the corresponding disease is a key success factor. Pharmacelsus has a proven track record on conducting In vitro and in vivo studies on potency, selectivity and efficacy in several indication areas.

In vitro Pharmacology Assays

5α Reductase Inhibitors

  • Human Recombinant Isoenzymes Type I and II

In vivo Pharmacology Models

Diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome Models

  • Induced Models:
    • STZ Mice/Rats
    • DIO Mice/Rat
  • Genetic Models
    • ob / ob Mice
    • db / db Mice
    • Zucker /ZDF Rat


  • In vivo Model
    • (immunodeficient mice)
  • Principle:
    • s.c. tumor xenograft model
  • General Readouts:
    • Tumor incidence, tumor size, tumor growth inhibition, terminal tumor weight, occurrence of metastases (Postmortal)

Leveraging our experience allows us to design, set-up and perform in vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies according to the specific requirements of your project.

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