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In vitro & in vivo Pharmacology

In-depth knowledge

To gain profound and relevant preclinical data on efficacy and potency, in-depth knowledge of the corresponding disease is a key success factor. Pharmacelsus has a proven track record on conducting In vitro and in vivo studies on potency, selectivity and efficacy in several indication areas.

In vitro Pharmacology Assays

5α Reductase Inhibitors

  • Human Recombinant Isoenzymes Type I and II

In vivo Pharmacology Models

Diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome Models

  • Induced Models:
    • STZ Mice/Rats
    • DIO Mice/Rat
  • Genetic Models
    • ob / ob Mice
    • db / db Mice
    • Zucker /ZDF Rat


  • In vivo Model
    • (immunodeficient mice)
  • Principle:
    • s.c. tumor xenograft model
  • General Readouts:
    • Tumor incidence, tumor size, tumor growth inhibition, terminal tumor weight, occurrence of metastases (Postmortal)

Leveraging our experience allows us to design, set-up and perform in vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies according to the specific requirements of your project.

Please contact us for your specific pharmacology study.

Dr. Julia Przibilla
Team Manager ADMET & in vitro Pharmacology

Anika Christoffel
Team Manager in vivo Pharmacology

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