Making the world healthier
Vision & Mission

Making the world healthier

Our Vision

As a leading global life science service provider, we stand for the greatest customer focus and unique team spirit worldwide!

Our Mission

Foster and protect quality of life

Making a lasting positive impact on health, the environment and society is what drives us. We, the GBA Group team, empower our customers by helping them to create added value for society.

With our life science services, we provide managers and technical experts with reliable data, a basis for decision-making, technical advice and point out innovative solutions. Together, we promote and protect the quality of life of many people.

For Health

As a service provider in the life science sector, we contribute indirectly, but also directly, to a healthier life for many people. Clean drinking water, safe food and cosmetics as well as effective pharmaceuticals and compatible medical products – our services are constantly in demand in the context of research, product development, market development and consumer protection!

For the Environment

A clean environment and responsible use of available natural resources are the basis for sustainable living.

Our laboratory analyses and specialist services provide an important basis for supply, operation and disposal in the context of energy use, industrial value creation and private consumption, regardless of whether air, water or other material flows in our ecosystem are involved.

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