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For the people

Together, we create a working environment in which each individual can grow, learn and develop. In this context, we place particular emphasis on equality and a safe and supportive environment for our employees. Several of our sites are ISO 45001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited. We pay particular attention to our social responsibility as an internationally active group of companies.

Equality & diversity

The diversity of experiences, perspectives, personalities, expertise and life stories enriches our society. As an international company, we benefit from this diversity, as many people from different backgrounds and cultures work together in the various teams at the GBA Group. To support this, we focus on language support and other offers of assistance, e.g. when dealing with the authorities. In order to be able to implement all of this internationally, we have defined a diversity & inclusion policy, among other things.

Working conditions & safety

We attach great importance to good working conditions and safety at all our locations. To ensure this, in addition to many other measures, such as respecting the forces of nature and biodiversity, we also provide our employees with training and offers in the area of health.

Leadership & Development

We provide training in various areas and support our employees with internal and external development opportunities, among various other measures.

Social responsibility

The GBA Group stands for democratic values and humanity. There is no place for any tendencies that run counter to democratic values, xenophobia, hatred and discrimination in our company!

At the same time, we are also committed to a good working environment outside our company in accordance with the German Act "LkSG".

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