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Big deal: preventing disease among pigs

Healthy sows, fit hogs and vital piglets make up a healthy pigsty. You want to keep viruses that carry disease at bay. Above all contagious types such as Aujeszky’s disease and PRRS. As a pig farmer you are required to test and that needs to run as smoothy as possible. By having regular serological testing done, you know for sure that the pigs stay healthy and that there are no uninvited guests wandering around the sty.

We test pigs for:

Prevention is better than curing

In pigsties, contagious diseases may occur that can cause fertility problems in the sows. For example, weak piglets and premature births. Prevention is the key. Through periodic testing for this specific virus, you know whether your pig herd is healthy or whether action needs to be taken.

What’s gone needs to stay gone

When a disease is gone, we want to keep it that way. That a virus has been eliminated doesn’t mean it won’t come back. In pigs, Aujeszky’s disease, a very contagious disease, is legally combatted. However, random samples must be taken every year to keep it that way. We perform these quickly, efficiently and accurately. Together we ensure that it is gone and stay’s gone.

No grunting answer

When you have laboratory testing done for possible diseases in pigs, you want a clear and comprehensible result. In addition, you get a full analysis of the analysis we performed. We tell you not only if the result is “positive” or “negative”, but provide you with more details. You can only act in a targeted manner when you have a full overview.


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