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Squawking-healthy poultry after laboratory testing

There is usually a major bustle in a poultry barn. In such a populous piece of land, you want to do what it takes to prevent outbreaks of disease. Contagious bacteria such as salmonella are a threat to public health and food production. Timely tracking down of this prevents spread and outbreaks and ensures that your poultry feel tip-top. Lavetan helps do this.

We test poultry for:


Regulatory control

Salmonella is a disease that must be controlled under law in poultry. This is very important, because this is a bacterial condition that poultry can transfer to humans. The extent to which this must be tested for or treated or if vaccination is possible depends on the type of poultry.

Using a random sample, we can offer a good picture of the presence of the disease. So you don’t have to test the entire flock, but only a fraction of the birds. These are sampled for bacteriological testing for the presence of salmonella.

No squawking, just clear explanations

When you have laboratory testing done for possible diseases in poultry, you want as clear an answer as possible. We understand that. You can only act on a response if it is complete. So we provide the details we get from the analysis and offer you the tools to get to work.


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