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Goats and Sheep

No bleating or baa-ing with testing for disease in goats and sheep

The number of goat and sheep operations can grow rapidly in some areas. A growing herd means more chance of the spread of disease. By regularly testing goats and sheep for disease, you know that your herd is in shape or that there is a reason for action. We perform laboratory testing for various viruses in goats and sheep and gives you a clearly versed result.

We test goats and sheep for:

Reasons for testing

In many cases, tracing, preventing and treating or destruction is the only way to keep diseases among livestock under control. Vaccination is not always possible or not the solution. For example, it may be that the animal has antibodies from the vaccine. But you can’t know whether the antibodies come from vaccination or disease. This can be a problem for export. So regular laboratory testing is necessary to detect viruses early and prevent large outbreaks.

Clear results

When you have goats or sheep tested for disease, you want to know more than just the result. If it is “positive”, that doesn’t say much. You want to know the degree to which the animal has tested positive. So at our laboratories you get a clear, complete analysis. There are no uncertainties and you can better decide on the following steps.


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