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Inspect your small ruminants for CAE and maedi-visna

CAE and maedi-visna

Persistent viral diseases that cause joint problems and brain disorders in small ruminants, to name a few: these are CAE (caprine arthritis-encephalitis) and maedi-visna (swelling disease). The diseases are mainly linked by symptoms, with CAE (mainly arthritis and encephalitis) occurring mainly in goats, and maedi-visna (pumping respiration) mainly in sheep. Fighting the disease is not possible, which makes testing for it even more important.

Controlling with ELISA tests

Lavetan test using the ELISA technique. With this, we can demonstrate the presence of antibodies against the virus. This control method works for both goats and sheep.

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What are CAE and maedi-visna?

CAE and maedi-visna are both caused by a so-called lentivirus and have a slow course. Most of the infections occur through colostrum milk just after giving birth to lambs. At that point, you won't notice any symptoms of the disease. That doesn't happen until two to five years later. CAE is characterized by arthritis and cerebral deterioration, swelling sickness due to lung compression, making them difficult to breathe.

Treatment for CAE and maedi-visna is impossible. Once infected, goats and sheep always remain carriers; eventually, they die.


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