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Check for CL in goats and sheep


CL (caseous lymphadenitis) is something you want to keep out of the sheep and goat barn. This bacterial disease causes abscesses in the lymph nodes of small ruminants. The disease is common in sheep and goats, but other animals can also become infected, such as cattle and horses. Lavetan made it easier to test for CL.

Tests with the ELISA technique

Lavetan checks the presence of antibodies against the bacteria using the ELISA technique. These ELISA tests work in both goats and sheep.

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What is CL?

CL (caseous lymphadenitis) is also known as pseudotuberculosis, cheesy lymphoma, or bone disease. The disease is caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. It invades through small skin wounds and brings abscesses in the lymph nodes, usually in the neck and head. No treatment is possible. Once infected, an animal will not be able to get rid of the bacteria. The condition is also contagious to other animals and to humans.


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