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A healthy herd for laboratory research

Poultry that live in close quarters, pig sties where the necessary animal lives in every compartment and cow barns full of cattle. If one animal is sick, the entire herd will pick up the virus in no time. Disastrous for stockbreeders. Through preventative and reactive testing for viruses and bacteria, you will prevent outbreaks and guarantee your food and population safety. So we can prevent, for example, transfer of diseases such as Q-fever and Covid from animal to human. Discover what Lavetan does.

Preventive testing

Prevention is better than curing. You want to detect viruses or illnesses before they infect the entire herd. We detect antibodies using serological testing. With an ELISA analysis, we can find out whether an animal has a disease, carries it or has recovered from it. If we find something disturbing among the animals, measures can be taken in a timely manner such as vaccinating the herd or separating an animal from the rest to protect the herd.

Control programs

Various animals have specific monitoring programs. These are official programs that livestock farmers must fulfil. We want to keep diseases that are nearly fully under control in check. So there must be continual testing. We perform these preventative tests rapidly and with high quality results. The same applies, for example, to Aujeszky’s disease in pigs.

Our test results

Our test results

When you have your animal herds tested, you want a quick and clear answer. The majority of our lab is digitized and robotic. So we can act in a fast and efficient manner. In addition, you get a full analysis of results from us. Not only “positive” or “negative”, but the extent to which the animal is positive. We offer the tools to interpret the values yourself and take the correct action according to the results.

Curative testing

If there are anomalous things noticed such as reduced production or lower fertility, that is a reason to test. Testing an entire herd for disease is an enormous operation. Luckily that’s not necessary. By using random samples, we can get a good picture of what is or is not prevalent among the herd. If we find something notable that presents a reason for further testing, we do that.


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