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Test your poultry regularly for salmonella


Salmonella is an unwelcome guest in your poultry house. This bacterium has more than 2,500 different serotypes and can also infect other animals as well as humans. Here we explain how Lavetan conducts checks for salmonella.

Control by a bacteriological culture

Lavetan tests poultry for salmonella with a bacteriological culture or the PCR test. An entry check is always performed when a new flock is set up. We culture the inserts that come with the delivery of day-old chicks or egg shells collected after hatching.
Three weeks before culling that same flock, an initial check is done, during which we bacteriologically test out two pairs of boot swabs. Once we detect the salmonella bacteria, we then determine the serotype. We do this with a DNA array hybridization test.

How do we work?

The farmer or veterinarian will take the necessary samples, either inserts or boot swabs. Materials needed for this can be ordered from here using the registration form. Livestock producers bring in the samples to us or send them by mail. Our messenger can also pick them up from the occupational veterinarian. We then put the samples on culture.

Our lab technicians perform the analysis. If we find salmonella, we send a warning even before the report is made. If we find nothing, you will receive a report by e-mail. In this way, you have all the information at your fingertips.

What is salmonella in poultry?

A salmonella infection is caused by the salmonella bacteria. There are more than 2500 different serotypes. Some occur in a specific species; others can easily infect multiple species as well as humans.

Recognizing salmonella in poultry is tricky. In fact, there are no obvious symptoms that indicate the presence of infection.


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