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Inspect for influenza-induced pig diseases


Check your pigs for the virus that causes influenza type A, as this is the culprit in complex diseases. It generally occurs in pig farming, but also in other animals as well as in humans.

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Flu, fever, acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, drowsiness, and coughing are all symptoms of influenza type A, mostly caused by new, infected animals that a livestock farmer purchases. Infection occurs through the air. Most outbreaks are during the cold periods of the year. All ages are susceptible, but piglets between 15 and 18 weeks of age are most affected.

Lavetan tests with the ELISA technique and with a real-time PCR method. The ELISA technique allows us to determine the antibodies. The real-time PCR technique allows us to detect viruses in infected pigs from (nasal) swabs, saliva, or lung tissue in acute outbreaks.

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What is influenza in pigs?

The virus influenza type A is common in pigsties. There are several serotypes; not all of them occur in the Netherlands and Belgium. The virus is contagious to pigs as well as to other animals and to humans.

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