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PRRS (porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome)

You do your best to keep PRRS out of your pigsty. Indeed, this condition can cause major complications in animals, such as fertility problems in sows and respiratory problems in piglets and young fattening pigs.

Preventive checks

Spread is through air, manure, semen, or materials touched by the infected animals. One of the most common ways is purchasing infected pigs that carry the virus with them which then infect other animals. Preventive checks are therefore a must.

Diagnosis can be done in two ways, with the ELISA technique, and with a real-time PCR method. With the ELISA technique, we can determine the antibodies and see if there has been an infection. But beware, it could also be antibodies generated by vaccination. The real-time PCR technique reveals the virus and can distinguish between two different types, the European strain (type 1) and the American strain (type 2).

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What is PRRS?

PRRS stands for porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome. The syndrome is triggered by a virus. It can have a major impact on the health of sows, boars, piglets, and (young) fattening pigs. There are European and American types of the virus. In the past, the viruses circulated only on their own continent, but now both types circulate in Europe, America, and Asia. Different strains exist within the two types, which also differ in aggressiveness.

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