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Pest Control

We help combat and manage pests in households and businesses

We provide a pest monitoring system that is in conformity with IFS, BRC, HACCP, and QM. The documentation is made available to our customers on a password-protected online platform immediately after the technicians complete their visit. This system enables you to evaluate the situation independently and view each individual monitoring station for your business. Not only is this system simple and easy to use, but it also gives you the great advantage of being able to retrieve the latest information about the pest control situation in your company at any given time.

If the situation involves unusual pests, our biologists will also gladly assist you in identifying them, assessing the infestation, and creating a tailor-made pest-control concept.

Certificate CEN Standard EN 16636 Requirements and competences for the provision of Pest Management Services

Pest Monitoring

With our pest monitoring concept, you have the assurance that:

  • An infestation will be recognized immediately.
  • Every pest problem can be solved promptly.
  • Hygienic problems can be prevented.
  • The requirements provided in the food hygiene ordinance will be satisfied.
  • The costs for combatting any infestation will decrease because the pest control system will help ensure that these are limited to smaller cases.
  • There will not be any unpleasant organizational or financial surprises.
  • You always have the latest information about your current situation!

Pest Control

Combat acute cases of pests such as cockroaches, ants, flies, wasps, hornets, millipedes, mites, spiders, rodents, pigeons, and many more.

  • Food hygiene: electronic pest registration and documentation (in conformity with IFS, BRC, and HACCP)

  • Organic pest control and documentation

    The Problem – The Pest
    Food moths often make life difficult in the kitchen and in storage. Who doesn’t know them? The little grubs that ruin our appetite when they are found in food products. These animals are usually brought in with the food. They are particularly frequently found in cereals, rice, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. In the case of food moths, it is the larvae that damage the product by feeding on it or contaminating it. The adult moths don’t eat it anymore, but they lay their eggs in the food product, where they develop and hatch, releasing larvae into the product. A typical sign of most moth species is the gossamer threads that the larvae produce before pupation. Moth infestation can be quickly recognized if these threads are found.

The Solution – Useful Animals
Tiny little chalcidoid wasps (0.4 mm long, that is, as small as this dot .) lay their eggs in the eggs of the moths. The moth eggs are then eaten from the inside by the wasp larvae and killed off in the process.

  • Combatting Fruit Flies Without Poison

    The new combination of attractants in the HYGIENICUM® Fruit Fly Trap contains natural ingredients, so you don’t have to use hazardous insecticides. It’s now possible to combat fruit flies with an organic, rapid, and highly efficient method.
  • UV flying-insect exterminator

  • Pigeon defense (netting & spikes or use of kestrels)

  • Disinfection

  • Building protection

    In cases of dry rot, wood decay, and mold, we provide restoration services, airborne microbe analysis, and quantification of yeast and mold spores.
GMP Testing

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