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Hygienicum Graz - Hygiene examinations

There are many areas in which hygiene plays an important role. Our services are diverse and tailored to different industry sectors. Overview:

Environmental germ surveys

Our services at a glance:

  • Recording of the microbiological-hygienic status by sampling with swabs and swab plates; the material required for sampling is provided by us and subsequently evaluated in our laboratory.
  • Recording of the air-hygienic status by active (air sampler) and passive (sedimentation) sampling; measurements by means of air samplers are carried out by our staff in the Industrial Hygiene Department - Please contact us for an appointment!
  • Examination of stool samples for salmonella

Our products "Micro Check plus-smear" and "Micro Check plus-smear" as well as our airborne germ measurements provide you not only with a germ count or a degree of contamination, but also with the germ spectrum present. This allows a much better interpretation of the results we make in our test reports.

Plant acceptance dishwashing lines

Acceptance of washing lines for commercial kitchens or similar facilities according to the official procedure according to DIN standard is a clear conclusion of the delivery activity for the buyer and the seller and the assurance of the functionality of the equipment in the real working environment. All preparations, on-site activities and evaluations are carried out by our staff and result in an acceptance certificate.

Clearance certificate

Another service is the training of tattoo artists and piercers, as well as related health-related professions (masseurs, etc.). We also implement controls according to the current, legal requirements (clearance certificate).

Application for clearance certificate

Clearance certificate

Another service is the training of tattoo artists and piercers, as well as related health-related professions (masseurs, etc.). We also implement controls according to the current, legal requirements (clearance certificate).

Combined dry rot control

The true dry rot - Serpula Lacrimans.

True dry rot belongs to the department of true fungi, to the family of wart sponges. In recent years, the spread of the wood-destroying fungus has increased sharply. True dry rot is noticed very late, usually only when it has severely damaged or even destroyed wooden structures. Unlike the other fungi, dry rot has the ability to transport water with its fungal filaments even after the infested areas have been drained, and to infest dry wood that has not yet been infested. It conducts the water required for this via its strand mycelium meter by meter. The mycelium also penetrates wall cracks and masonry made of clay brick and concrete. Humidity: True dry rot requires a higher wood moisture content of about 30-40% only at the beginning of its growth (Monbächer et. 1988). Damp rooms with air saturated with water vapor are particularly ideal for fungal growth.

Hazardous areas in the house:

  • Basement rooms
  • Wall shoring on cold exterior walls
  • exterior walls heavily exposed to rain
  • Rooms without basements with wood paneling and flooring

Temperature: Wood-destroying fungi develop in a temperature range of about 2 - 40 °C. At optimum temperature conditions of 20 °C, dry rot grows by 8 mm/24 h. In dry rigidity, dry rot can survive for up to 7 years (laboratory test). Remediation: The remediation measures depend on the type of fungus. The remediation is to be carried out in accordance with ÖNORM 3802-2.

Only approved products may be used for chemical wood or masonry remediation.
As a general rule, in the event of a sponge infestation, remediation and control should be carried out by a qualified specialist company in order to prevent a resurgence of the sponge. The company Hygienicum®, based in Graz-Andritz, has developed a control method for this purpose.

The combination procedure:

This procedure is composed of several steps.

  • Flaming of the fruiting body
  • Removal of the infested plaster layers
  • Removal of the infested substrates
  • Heating of the masonry for days
  • Flaming of the mycelium on the masonry
  • Chemical treatment

All these measures are very effective, but the most important measure is the draining of the area infested by dry rot. Because this is the only way to ensure that the real dry rot has been sustainably combated.

Hygienicum - Graz

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Hygiene audits - Austria

In order to assess the hygiene standard of a company against an objective standard, it is necessary to involve external, unbiased persons with expertise and experience. We carry out hygiene audits for you in the smallest form (inspection, general appraisal, on-site discussion of possible solutions) up to audits according to international standards (IFS, BRC, etc.). For more complex tasks, there is the possibility of joint auditing with our network partners.

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Pest control

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Pharma - GMP Testing

GMP-certified microbiological laboratory testing of sterile, non-sterile and biological (endotoxins) manufacturing activities, as well as the import of medicinal products in the same scope of authorization.

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