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Food safety concepts

Food Hygiene Concept for the Highest Possible Safety Level

Different situations require different solutions. That’s why we don’t think in terms of pre-packaged solutions. We analyze your current situation, point out the weaknesses, define requirements, and develop a monitoring system. This results in a hygiene concept that is tailored to your needs and provides the highest possible level of safety.

Our core competence includes setting up and maintaining food safety concepts and hygiene management systems. We provide the following services:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Structural Planning
  • Employee Training
  • Hygiene Audits
  • Hygiene Consulting
  • ISO 9000 and Similar Systems

Initial Consultation: Are you still up to date?

In many companies, in particular smaller businesses, there just isn’t enough knowledge about the necessary hygiene measures, or that knowledge is no longer up to date. Legal regulations change, and the requirements that the market puts on product safety are always increasing. Hygiene is a challenging task for the management.

Structural Planning – Plan the right way from the start.

A wide range of aspects and legal requirements (employee safety, fire safety, logistics, IT, cleaning technology, and much more) have to be taken into consideration when planning a production facility, whether it’s a whole factory or just a kitchen.

When planning a new acquisition, this is the best time to think about how your production facilities can meet the high demands for hygiene and food safety in a cost-effective way. Retroactively modifying your facilities is often far more expensive.

We have the necessary experience and wide-ranging knowledge, strengthened by our network of partners from all of the relevant fields.

Employee Training: A concept is only as good as its execution!

Company hygiene demands a diverse range of specialized knowledge in fields such as hygiene management, implementing measures, and inspecting those measures. We train managers, employees, and external cleaning personnel, on-site, at your company or ours. Additionally, we offer seminars on special topics.

Hygiene Audits: It’s not ignorance or inability, it’s just organizational blindness

In order to get an objective view of a company’s hygiene standards, you have to involve external, unbiased people with technical knowledge and experience. We can perform a wide variety of audits for you, ranging from the smallest scale (inspection, general assessment, on-site discussion of potential solutions) to the major international standards (e.g. IFS, BRC). For more complex projects, there is also the opportunity to conduct a joint audit with one of the partners in our network.

Hygiene Consulting: Whether it’s the fundamental questions or the tricky details, we consult you at every level.

For many questions (employee training, laws, etc.), often just a single conversation can provide clarity. However, to get into further detail, there are a variety of possible directions:

  • Automated sampling
  • Automated audits and system updates
  • Continuous support or even outsourcing entire departments

Every company has different needs, there is no standard concept. Together, we develop an customized service package that is optimized for your individual needs.

HACCP: Approaching health hazards from the perspective of prevention.

This is only possible if a professional hygiene concept is developed from the ground up, it is adhered to by trained personnel, and its implementation is continually inspected.

Developing and implementing systems and monitoring adherence is our field of business. Regular inspections come along with constant adaptation and updates. Only a lively and functioning HACCP concept can ensure long-term safety.


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