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Quality Management

Quality Management Concepts and Special Standards

Over the course of our long-term experience developing, implementing, and supervising food safety concepts, we have come in contact with a wide variety of norms and standards. In this context, we have also expended into new fields of business and made partnerships, helping us overcome new challenges for our customers.

Whether we are dealing with related groups of standards (ISO standard series), special standards (organic, AMA, etc.), or special customer requirements (trade standards), there is always something new to manage, not only for you, but more and more often for us as well.

In this case as well, it is our goal to provide customized solutions by getting partners from our network onboard as soon as we reach the limits of our own capabilities. In the end, these actions could also result in an IMS (integrated management system) that combines the demands from several fields into clearly organized, centralized procedures.

When you first contact us, if we realize that one of our partners could manage the situation more easily on their own, then we will of course gladly put you in touch with them directly.

Example Standards and Concepts

  • Quality Management (ISO 9000 Series), Environmental Management (ISO 14000 Series, EMAS), Occupational Safety (OHSAS 18000 Series)

Mainly the ISO 9000 series is often implemented in companies as the precursor or in parallel to other food management systems. However, there is a lot of overlap, so we can answer many of your questions about this field.

Organic, GMO-free, GLOBALG.A.P., AMA, QS , etc.

All of the standards listed above are connected to our core competencies in some form. We employ staff who can provide you with information about these standards or who have already implemented these standards in other companies or have conducted audits for these standards.

Customer Specifications – Supplier Specifications

Every day, we all face new demands and new tests, whether in the form of customer inquiries, requests from the authorities, or perhaps problems with suppliers. When dealing with any topic related to food safety, our employees are willing and able to take on the latest requirements and demands. Take advantage of our contacts to help manage your current tasks.

Food Declarations

Food Declarations

In recent years, the accuracy of food declarations has frequently been at the center of public debates. Correctly declaring food products and packaging them without misleading the consumer are major concerns for food businesses nowadays and can play a major role in shaping the image of a food company.

The guidelines, regulations, and directives for food declarations often undergo major changes and updates, thus making it increasingly difficult for food business operators to keep track of all the legal requirements.

When we check your declarations and proposed labels, our goal is to help you ensure that your product declarations adhere to the legal regulations. With this service, we not only take the current legal framework into consideration, but also any upcoming changes that have been planned.


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