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Specimen Management

Sophisticated specimen retention

LKF has created a sophisticated specimen retention and retrieval system, which provides comprehensive information on each sample. It ensures accurate tracking and enables instant access whenever additional or re-testing is necessary. 

Besides the storage of specimens LKF offers aliquoting or pseudonymisation services for your specimens. Two dimensional datamatrix barcodes enable the tracking of each individual aliquot. 

Thereby, national and international requirements on the privacy, the documentation and the traceability are met. 

After completion of the analytical process, specimens are stored frozen as long as the client requests. Specimens are disposed only on the client’s written confirmation. 

Specimen Storage

Specimen Storage

LKF offers long term storage of different specimen types under certain storage conditions, from liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and -80°C to + 37°C. Temperature monitoring, automated alerts and backup equipments safeguard your samples. Each specimen is tracked individually from accessioning to shipment or disposal. Our sophisticated storage system guarantees a 24h sample retrieval time from request until shipment.

Specimen for third parties

Specimen for third parties

LKF offers the retrieval, handling, storage and transportation of specimens to be analysed by a referral laboratory, e.g. for pharmacokinetic or molecular assays. LKF has established special procedures for the management of genetic samples including a reliable double coding step to ensure full compliance with data privacy rules.

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