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Laboratory Report

The laboratory report contains the dates of specimen collection and delivery at LKF, demographic data and reference intervals. Results are flagged according to the specifications defined in the study protocol (e.g. reference ranges, alert values, exclusion/inclusion criteria). 

Patient results are transmitted as single and/or cumulative reports by fax, E-Mail, regular mail or by courier service. In addition, analytical results are available in a secure area of our homepage. 

A special report designed for our clients, the so-called OVERVIEW, is a spreadsheet file representing a compilation of the current status of a study (e.g. demographic data, missing information, site- or country-related visit and enrolment status). The OVERVIEW is available at any time via the LKF homepage or can be transferred automatically on a regular basis.

The experienced and highly committed LKF team offers a variety of different services in the following areas.



Specimen Management

Safety Analysis

Bioanalytical Services

Proficiency Testing Certificates

Quality Assurance

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