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Sunscreen testing

Sunscreen testing

The determination of the sun protection index of UV filter cosmetics confirms the declared performance of the in terms of the level of protection against the rays. Test methods for sunscreen products:

  • EN ISO 24444 Sun protection test methods — In vivo determination of the sun protection factor (SPF)
  • Sun protection test methods — in vitro determination of the sun protection factor (SPF)
  • EN ISO 24443 Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro
  • Water resistance / extra water resistance in accordance with EN ISO 24444
  • Water resistance / extra water resistance in accordance with Cosmetics Europe and Diffey&Robson
  • PA Method (Protection Grade of UVA)
  • Photoallergic and phototoxicity in accordance with Cosmetics Europe

Determination of the sun protection factor

Our Laboratory offers tests which make it possible to determine Sun Protection Factor using the in vitro method. The test is carried out using a specialized spectrophotometer sunlight and PMMA plates.

This method makes it possible to determine the value of the SPF therefore:

  • confirmation of the presence of UVA filters and;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of UVA/UVB sun protection on the Boots scale; the appointment of the erythema factor - Erythema;
  • determination of the critical wavelength;
  • confirmation of the watertightness declaration.


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