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Bioactivation and Metabolism

In vitro assay support for the risk assessment of chemicals

Risk Assessment Assays

Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) is an innovative approach to evaluating potential health risks of chemicals released into the environment and assessing their safety for human health. NGRA combines various methods, including in-silico, in-chemico, and in-vitro approaches, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards.

Pharmacelsus, a leading company in pharmaceutical research and development, offers a wide range of established in-vitro assays in the field of bioactivation and metabolism. These assays enable the investigation of interactions between chemicals and biological systems to predict potential impacts on human health and the environment. Additionally, Pharmacelsus develops customized test series tailored to specific customer requirements.

A crucial component of the in-vitro assays are Pharmacelsus' powerful bioanalytics. The company possesses extensive experience in analyzing chemicals and their metabolites. Bioanalytics allows for accurate quantification of chemicals and their metabolic products, providing information on their metabolic pathways and potential toxicity. By combining in-vitro assays with bioanalytics, Pharmacelsus can deliver comprehensive data to support the risk assessment of chemicals.

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In vitro & in vivo Toxicology

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