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Check livestock for bovine TB

Tuberculosis (TB)

Infection with tuberculosis (TB) has major consequences for cattle and livestock producers. For example, a complete culling of the farm. Therefore, every effort is being made to prevent the spread. Lavetan helps you do the checks.

Tests with the ELISA and gamma interferon test

Once cattle enter the slaughter line, each animal is checked for possible TB infection by incision of the lungs. Any suspected lesions are examined for confirmation. In a confirmed case, a check is made on where this animal has been. Possible contacts should then be tested in turn. To avoid all this, we do regular blood tests.

Lavetan works with different techniques, the ELISA test checks for antibodies in serum samples, and the gamma interferon test measures the amount of gamma interferon produced after stimulation of the sample with different antigens. A combination of the two gives a good indication of any infection in the animal.

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What is bovine tuberculosis?

Bovine TB comes in different forms and is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis. The most common variant is lung TB, but pearl, udder, and kidney TB also occur worldwide. Symptoms such as chronic coughing and emaciation are often not seen until later stages, making it difficult to detect the disease without testing. Infection occurs through the respiratory tract or through the mouth. Although humans can also become infected with the bacteria, it is less frequent.

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