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Be alert for mycoplasma in cattle


Mycoplasma may be the tiniest bacterium on earth, but infection with it has enormous consequences for your livestock farming business. And developing a vaccine for the disease is difficult. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. Regular testing for mycoplasma lets you know if the bacteria is present in your cattle barn and allows you to take immediate action.

Reduce risk and test regularly

To minimize the risks, it is best to immediately test purchased animals for antibodies and quarantine them until the results are known. Regular testing of current cattle in the barn also counteracts spread. Lavetan uses an antibody test with the ELISA technique for this purpose. With this, we detect antibodies in serum and milk samples from cattle.

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What is mycoplasma?

There are about a hundred different species of Mycoplasma bacteria. These usually cause pneumonia or respiratory infections in calves, but can also cause inflammation in other places. Adult animals often suffer from incurable udder infections. The disease is undetectable to the naked eye and spreads rapidly, either during milking, while giving milk to calves, or in direct contact between the animals.

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