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Check for IBR in the cattle barn


Monitoring livestock for IBR is important for several reasons. Lavetan helps with fast and reliable laboratory diagnostics. Here we will talk more about the disease and what techniques we use to perform tests.

Control by blood or tank milk

Lavetan offers two options for checking for IBR in the cow barn: the gE analysis detects antibodies against the wild virus only, and the gB analysis detects antibodies against both the wild virus and the vaccine virus. Both tests can be used on both blood and milk. Most countries are fighting the disease using the DIVA strategy, i.e., only vaccines that are gE-deleted (i.e., they are missing one piece) may be used, based on which a distinction can then be made between vaccinated and infected animals during testing.

Find out how we perform the checks.

What is IBR?

IBR stands for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, also known as cow flu, a nasty bovine disease. The culprit is a herpes virus. In addition to affecting the upper respiratory tract, symptoms such as decreased appetite, watery "nasal discharge," high fever and "shedding" occur. Characteristically, the virus remains latent in the animal, allowing it to secrete viruses again under stress (during calving, transport, or medication).

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