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GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH
Brekelbaumstraße 1
31789 Hameln

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Tel. +49 5151 9849-0
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Trade register: Hamburg HRB 42774
VAT-No.: DE118554138
EORI-No.: DE5400341000

Hamelin site

With 1,500 m² of laboratories and office space, the Hamelin base is renowned for its expertise in the fields of cereal and cereal production, organic and agricultural produce. In addition to the existing range of examinations, new parameters are constantly being set in the wet chemistry field, covering fat, ash, moisture, sugar and water activity (aw).

Selected activities from our portfolio:

  • BNN (Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers) and other approvals
    • BNN approvals: B1: fresh fruit and vegetables; B2: processed fruit and vegetables; B3: cereal, cereal products and oilseeds; B4: tea, fruit tea, herbs & spices
    • QS certified laboratory for residue monitoring fruit, vegetables and potatoes
    • QS certified laboratory for animal feed monitoring
    • Animal feed analysis according to GMP + B10 Laboratory Testing (Good Manufacturing Practice Standard: GMP+FC Scheme of GMP + International)
  • Evaluations pertaining to food legislation / individual consulting
  • Labelling checks
  • Counter sample specialists and regulations for official counter samples according to paragraph 43, section 2 of the German Food & Feed Code (LFGB) relating to paragraphs 2 and of 3 of counter sample regulations
  • Raw material monitoring and quality control plan

Competence analysis

  • Nutrition analysis
  • Allergen analysis
  • Residues and contaminants (e.g. pesticides, mycotoxins, glyphosate, pyrrolizidine alkaloids / tropane alkaloids, nicotine, acrylamide, THC/cannabinoids and more)
  • Microbiology

Thanks to our expertise and high degree of flexibility, the Hamelin base can provide 24-hour analysis for cereal products. This can be done for pesticides, including individual processes for chlormequat and glyphosate. 24-hour analysis can also be extended to allergens, for example through gluten analysis or specific mycotoxins, as per requirements and capacity. If agreed in advance, express feedback can be arranged in almost any field – don’t hesitate to ask us.


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The entire analysis spectrum of GBA Group Food
GBA Group Food

The entire analysis spectrum of GBA Group Food

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