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Analyses of Fish and Meats

Hygienic Aspects of Fish and Meatproducts

Fish and meat products are very popular among consumers due to their valuable nutrients, and consumption of these products is steadily rising.

Fish and fish products deliver valuable nutrients such as wholesome fatty acids (e.g. omega–3 fatty acids), easily digestible protein, and important vitamins and minerals. Meat and meat products contain numerous essential nutrients that contribute to a balanced and healthy diet.


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Perishable foods

Fish and meat products are some of the more perishable food products, which is why hygienic parameters and freshness play a very significant role. The hygienic and microbiological safety of raw products and processed foods are important conditions for their quality assurance.

In addition to analyses of nutritional value and microbiological tests, proof of authenticity and origin plays an important role for these product groups, as well as testing for contaminants and residues. Both product groups were represented on the top-10 list of food products caught up in food fraud scandals in Europe in recent years.

Contaminants such as veterinary pharmaceuticals, dioxins, heavy metals, or the antioxidant ethoxyquin can also end up in the product through the animal feed. Particularly in the business of aquaculture, that can represent a major challenge. Furthermore, when assessing the marketability and the labeling of these products, the EU law on food information to consumers (1169/2011) must be complied with.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of fish and meat products, the GBA Group provides you with comprehensive, expert consulting on this topic, as well as a vast array of product-specific analyses, so that you can have the confidence and assurance that you need for your products.

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Nutrition Analysis

Allergens/GMOs/Animal Species

Accreditation and Authorization

Here you will find an overview of all our approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications of our laboratories for the field of food analysis.

Approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications


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