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Grains and Cereal – Our Essential Staples

Grains and cereals are some of the most important sources of nutrients for the world’s population.

Wheat, maize, and rice are among the most important cereals, followed by rye, barley, oats, and millet, which are all extremely important staple crops for humans. At first glance, cereals appear to be a very homogeneous product group, with less need for intensive analysis.

However, due to the wide variety of usage for cereals (e.g. bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, baby food), a diverse range of legal requirements could apply. There is almost nothing that is unregulated or without maximum values. Testing for residues, contaminants, or microbiology is just as important as analyzing for micronutrients, protein content, or minerals. At the same time, there is a rising demand for certain tests that are necessary due to changing living conditions, such as gluten intolerance or soy protein allergies, for example.

In this field, the GBA Group is capable of providing fast, efficient, and product-specific solutions, be it rice or wheat or quinoa, residue analysis or representative mycotoxin analysis or the determination of starch or protein. Special topics such as the analysis and evaluation of tropane alkaloids are also part of our standard procedures and daily business.

At the GBA Group, we have optimized our logistics processes and analytical times so that we can provide results for many test methods within 3 days or less. In addition to the analysis, our expert team with long-term experience will be by your side to consult you, so that you can gain the assurance you need to put your products on the market.


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Overview of range of services in food analysis

Overview of range of services in food analysis

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Accreditation and Authorization

Here you will find an overview of all our approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications of our laboratories for the field of food analysis.

Approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications


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