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Building Contaminants & Materials

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Analysis of building contaminants & building materials

The impact of building materials and indoor air quality on human health has been underestimated for quite a long time. We provide clarity regarding the long-term safety of construction projects and the protection against negative health risks in residential and commercial areas by way of our material and contaminant testing services for the infrastructure and building sector. In this way, we help increase the quality of life of all of us.

We possess our own SEM laboratories (scanning electron microscope) in Mönchengladbach and Berlin for asbestos analysis, as well as modern GC-MS/LC-MS devices at multiple sites, and even a microbiological laboratory specializing in mold analysis. With this wide range of state-of-the-art analytical technology, the GBA Group is able to analyze all of the compounds and matrices that are found in buildings.

The GBA Group supports you by sharing our expertise and utilizing modern analytical methods. Whether you are an engineer, appraiser, responsible for facility management, or just a private individual, we will gladly help you test the materials in your building.

Furthermore, we will also gladly handle the sampling for you, or provide suitable pumps for taking air samples (asbestos, airborne germs, air contaminants) and containers for safely transporting your sample to our laboratory. We will also inform you about the amount of sample material required for the analyses.


Asbestos is the broader term for a range of natural, fibrous silicate minerals, which can be used as building materials …


Roofing Felt

In the past, asbestos was used in roofing felt in order to strengthen the base material, but grit dispersions …

Indoor Air Quality

Checking indoor air quality has many benefits: You discover the first signs of contaminants in interior spaces …

Mold – Useful and Dangerous

Molds can be found everywhere; they are among the essential microorganisms on our planet. They make …


From request to sampling to analysis report, we are at your side with individual solutions and personal advice.

Chemical compounds and organisms

Building contaminants include all chemical compounds or organisms inside buildings that pose a threat to human health or the environment. In addition to mold and conspicuous odors, an array of chemical compounds can be hidden away inside the building materials. These include contaminants that were built into the structure due to their “positive” qualities, (e.g. plasticizer, resistance, flexibility), then in retrospect are exposed to be severely detrimental to human health or the environment.

Building contaminants range from plasticizers in floors to asbestos in tile adhesives and fiber cement, and even toxic wood preservation agents such as PCP and lindane. If a building is demolished, a registry of contaminants has to be produced in advance. This ensures that the contaminants can be disposed of appropriately and workplace safety is maintained.


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We offer numerous locations and departments in Germany and Europe, so that you always have a reliable contact in your area.
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GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Stätzlinger Str. 70
86165 Augsburg

Tel. +49 821 9996744 - 0


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Magnusstraße 11
12489 Berlin

Tel. +49 30 6392-1981


IfUA Umweltberatung und Gutachten GmbH

Site page
Lindenstraße 5
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen


ANALYTIKUM Umweltlabor GmbH
Subsidiary Dessau

Site page
Kreuzbergstraße 146
06849 Dessau-Roßlau

Tel. +49 340 530 9580-0


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Meißner Ring 3
09599 Freiberg

Tel. +49 3731 163083-0
Fax +49 3731 163083-4


GBA Gesellschaft fur Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Bruchstraße 5c
45883 Gelsenkirchen

Tel. +49 209 97619–0


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Daimlerring 37
31135 Hildesheim

Tel. +49 5121 750965-0


Thüringer Umweltinstitut Henterich GmbH

Site page

OT Pferdsdorf

Kielforstweg 2

99819 Krauthausen

Tel. +49 36926 71009-0
Fax +49 36926 71009-9


ANALYTIKUM Umweltlabor GmbH

Site page
Jagdrain 14
06217 Merseburg

Tel. +49 3461 27772-0
Fax +49 3461 27772-15


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Schelsenweg 24a
41238 Mönchengladbach

Tel. +49 2166 123928-0

Munich / Vaterstetten

GBA Analytical Services GmbH

Site page
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Str. 40
85591 Vaterstetten

Tel. +49 8106 2460-0


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Flensburger Straße 15
25421 Pinneberg

Tel. +49 4101 7946-0
Fax +49 4101 7946-260


GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

Site page
Julius-Hölder-Straße 20
70597 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 711 722094-0


GEOTAIX Umwelttechnologie GmbH

Site page
Schumanstraße 29
52146 Würselen

Tel. +49 2405 4685-0
Fax +49 2405 4685-10





Site page
Schillerstraße 25
5020 Salzburg

Tel. +43 662 433257-0
Fax +43 662 433257-42



GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Łajski, Kościelna 2a St.
05-119 Legionowo, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Doświadczalna 50a St.
20-280 Lublin, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Żeromskiego 3 St.
37-300 Leżajsk, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Fabryczna 7 St.
41-404 Mysłowice, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Trylińskiego 12/107 St.
10-683 Olsztyn, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Kopanina 59 St.
60-105 Poznań, Poland


GBA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Site page
Warciańska 41 St.
54-128 Wrocław, Poland



Labroc Oy

Metsänneidonkuja 6
02130 Espoo, Finland


Labroc Oy

Mäntyhaantie 1
33800 Tampere, Finland


Labroc Oy

Microkatu 1
70210 Kuopio, Finland


Labroc Oy

Tyrnäväntie 12
90400 Oulu, Finland


Labroc Oy

Malminkaari 10
00700 Helsinki, Finland



Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico S.L. (LQM)

Site page
Poligono Industrial Oeste
Avda Principal 21/1
30169 San Ginés, Murcia, Spain


Laboratorio Químico Microbiológico S.L. (LQM)

Site page
Polígono industrial San Nicolás
Calle San Nicolás Diez 46
41500 Alcalá de Guadaíra, Sevilla, Spain

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Accreditation and Authorization

Here you will find an overview of all our approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications of our laboratories for the field of environmental analysis.

Approvals, accreditation certificates and certifications


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