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For the environment

A clean environment and responsible use of available natural resources are the basis for a sustainable life.

As an international group of companies, we take our responsibility seriously and work continuously to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to do our bit for the environment. We have certified several locations according to ISO 14001, are committed to the careful use of resources and use digitalization and electric cars. Several GBA Group sites have already been assessed by EcoVadis. In Belgium, we have been named "Company of the Future" several times.


We are digitizing operational processes and training in our laboratories and administration. This not only allows us to work more effectively, but also saves considerable resources, such as paper.

Innovative buildings

Some of our sites in Germany, Belgium and Spain are already equipped with their own solar systems.

When expanding, we prefer new buildings that enable us to make considerable savings on resources such as electricity and gas.

Conserving resources

In order to optimize the use of resources, we are working on reducing emissions in sample logistics and optimizing methods with regard to chemical consumption, among other things. We already use green electricity at almost all of our German sites.


We already use a large number of electric cars and are constantly expanding our fleet. Some locations already have their own charging stations.

Employee awareness

Our employees are also intensively involved in our efforts to act in harmony with the environment. Depending on the country, we support them with special training and offers on the subject of mobility, among other things.

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