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World Tea Day 2022

World Tea Day 2022

May 21st is World Tea Day and we would like to use this opportunity to give you an insight into our analytical work on tea. We check the quality and safety and analyze, among other things, residues, contaminants, but also value-determining ingredients.

The analysis needs of the entire tea industry are constantly changing, as tea is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. Testing the safety and quality of these products is therefore of outstanding importance and represents a major challenge. The spectrum of raw materials to be tested is huge, as virtually any plant product, whether herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables, is used in tea blends.

Just as diverse as tea ingredients are the requirements for testing for tea safety. Residues of pesticides or contamination by mycotoxins, pyrrolizidine and tropane alkaloids and perchlorate can impair the marketability but also the safety of this food.

GBA Group offers a team of experts who deal with the ever-changing needs of the tea industry on a daily basis. Through national and international networks and on the basis of many years of experience, our experts support you in all questions regarding the analysis plan, sampling and analysis through to detailed legal assessment and advice.

If you would like to learn more about tea analysis, please click here: GBA Group Tea Analysis

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