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International Tea Day 2023

International Tea Day 2023 - GBA Group Tea Analytics

International Tea Day is celebrated on May 21 and on the occasion of this day we would like to offer you an insight into our analysis portfolio for tea analytics at GBA Group.

As tea is one of the most consumed luxury foods worldwide, the verification of safety and quality is of great importance. In the tea industry, analytical requirements are constantly changing because almost any plant product, whether herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables, can be used in tea blends.

To ensure the quality and safety of your products, we have experts with years of experience to support you in all aspects of tea analytics. We accompany your analysis project from the preparation of the analysis plan, sampling and analysis to legal assessment and advice.

Our analysis portfolio in the field of tea analytics

Take advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of tea analysis options. We test your sample for e.g.:

  • Pesticide residues

  • Pyrrolizidine and tropane alkaloids

  • Mycotoxins

  • Perchlorate / Chlorate


We also offer analysis of cold-brew tea and organic tea.

Our analyses provide you with reliable results due to our high expertise as well as standardized norm and validated in-house methods. For our analysis we use highly sensitive and highly selective measuring systems, based e.g. on GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS.

Are you interested in our tea analytics or would you like to clarify individual questions? Please contact us at:

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