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World Soil Day: The contribution of the GBA Group

On December 5th, 2019 the World Food Organization FAO points out the importance of the soil on the "World Soil Day". Soils are the basis of the ecosystem. They filter water, bind nutrients, and supply and feed the plants that feed humans and animals. However, soils are also exposed to high levels of pollution: pollutants from natural sources, but also from industry, agriculture, traffic and private households can accumulate in the soil. They enter the food chain via groundwater or plants. This year the focus of the World Soil Day is on the subject of "erosion".

In order to be able to effectively protect our soils from pollutants, we need to know what's inside. For 30 years, the GBA has been offering accredited services throughout Germany to analyze pollutants in the soil. From sampling to giving advice on which measures make sense in the analysis, the GBA counsels companies, authorities and consumers. We provide precise analyses based on legal principles such as BBodSchV, DepV, LAGA and administrative regulations.

The GBA itself is certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. Do you want to know more about the soil analyzes of the GBA? Call us or write us, we are happy to advise you:

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