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Cooling Water Analysis


Analysis of process water and added water in accordance with the 42nd Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV)

As an operator of re-cooling facilities or air-conditioning technical systems, you have to deal with special conditions and requirements. Evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers, and wet scrubber systems can emit aerosols containing Legionella. In order to minimize the risk of adverse health effects from these kinds of systems, the 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV) regulates the operation, production, and installation of these systems. As a result, the operators are obligated to monitor and report on their systems.

In order to fulfill your obligation to ensure that your system does not pose a risk of contamination, we can help you meet the high demands of water and air quality within your area of responsibility.

The GBA Group analyzes process water and added water in accordance with the requirements of the 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV) and in connection with the guideline VDI-2047 sheets 2-4 and the UBA (German Environmental Protection Agency) recommendations regarding sampling and determining the presence of Legionella in evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers, and wet scrubbers. In particular, we fulfill the condition of impartiality that is required by the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, as we do not perform any other work on your facility nor do we provide it with chemicals. We strictly maintain the integrity of sampling and analysis in order to guarantee a valid test result. In particular, to get meaningful analytical results, it is essential that the samples are taken by qualified professionals who take all of the on-site parameters into account. We have our own team of samplers who receive training regularly so their technical knowledge is always up-to-date. As the operator of your facility, we coordinate the sampling appointments individually with you in advance.

You receive the results in the form of a conclusive test report that compares the measured values with the corresponding guidance values or intervention values. Depending on the results, we plan the next quarterly routine measurements or consult with you regarding further measures and analyses. In this case, we gladly draw upon our experience from hundreds of analytical results and further processes for your benefit.

Das sind Ihre Vorteile

Your advantages


• Comprehensive consulting on the topic of water
• Individual GBA contact person
• Create an analytical concept for your property
• Full project support from the sampling to the analytical report
• Express analysis
• Customized IT solutions


• Employees with long-term experience
• Our own network of samplers
• Expert samplers
• Quick and smooth order processing
• Fast and reliable results


• Accreditation
• Impartiality in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
• Regularly participate in inter-laboratory ring tests successfully
• Collaboration with standards committees and DIN working groups
• Numerous memberships in technical associations


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Information on the implementation of the 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance (42. BlmSchV)

Information on the implementation of the 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance (42. BlmSchV)

Information on the implementation of the 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance (42. BlmSchV) can be found in our flyer on evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators.

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