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The term “soil gas” describes the gaseous part of the soil and means the air enclosures found within the porous spaces. Soil gas primarily consists of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, but depending on the location (e.g. in landfills), can also contain high concentrations of methane. Carbon dioxide and methane are formed by naturally occurring microbial decomposition processes in the soil. Site- specific influences can also cause unnatural, volatile organic compounds such as BTEX or VCHCs, which collect in the porous spaces in the soil. These trace compounds and gases not only pose a threat to the environment, but, depending on the concentration, also a major risk to living organisms.

For contaminated or suspected contaminated sites, as well as landfill monitoring, soil gas measurements are absolutely indispensable as a means of protecting the environment and human health. However, these tests can also be implemented as preventative measures for risk analyses or to secure evidence. The measurement and sampling of soil gas varies greatly depending on the surroundings and it requires well-trained and experienced specialists. Our experienced and certified sample takers are not only able to draw upon the appropriate technology for measurement and sampling, but also IT-based data collection as well.

Organic gases and landfill gases are gas mixtures that mainly consist of methane and carbon dioxide, but also of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and other trace gases. They are formed as reaction products of biochemical degradation processes of organic compounds and materials in the absence of air. The GBA Group tests these gases and determines their composition. That way, we make it possible to draw inferences about the degree of degradation of the gas-forming components. Methane plays a significant role in this case, since it is used to generate energy through combustion.

Since the presence of siloxanes in the gas can lead to damage to the gas motors of, for example, thermal power stations, we will also gladly determine their concentration for you as well.

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