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Professionally correct sampling is at the beginning of every analysis. It is decisive for the analysis result.

Worldwide Sampling with GBA

Quality assurance begins right at the source! Ensure the quality and safety of the goods before they are even loaded to ship from their country of origin. GBA organizes and conducts sampling worldwide, while taking local regulations into consideration. We work together with skilled and reliable partners in over 100 countries. Strong logistics partners help make sure that the samples are transported to Germany swiftly. All of the analyses are carried out in the accredited laboratories of the GBA Group.

Sampling for hygiene checks

No matter if food, drinking water or even airborne germs. Hygiene checks also require some expertise.

Our trained samplers have mastered the necessary techniques and also have the necessary devices and equipment. Of great importance is also the determination of the sample itself. How is the sample selection to be made? Where do we take the most informative sample? After all, we are pursuing a purpose with our investigation. The results should confirm your good work - or be an impulse for improvement.

Sampling services

A sampling plan for the whole year makes a lot of sense if it is done well.

  • Drawing up the sampling plan on the basis of the product range

  • Regular sampling according to recognized techniques

  • Safe and cooled transport to the laboratory

  • Statistical evaluation of samples and results


Request for an offer or callback

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