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nuTIQ Risk Assessment and Risk Management

In order to develop a risk management concept in the food industry and in international trade, it is necessary to conduct risk assessments for all stages of production and every step in the supply chain. Not only does nuTIQ provide solutions for assessing the risk associated with products, suppliers, and countries of origin, but we also give you the opportunity to manage these risks. We develop solutions that help you minimize these risks by optimizing your testing plans for conducting food analyses, carrying out warehouse inspections, sampling in the country of origin, as well as executing plausibility audits.

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Hygienicum: Assistance with Calls for Tenders and Delivery Inspection

When issuing a call for tenders, whether it is for raw materials or finished products, we help you determine the relevant quality and safety criteria based on the potential risks. Furthermore, we provide you with programs for monitoring the incoming goods, which include analytical plans, analyses, and documentation inspections, as well as the associated reporting and opportunities for improvement. Our consultants possess expertise that is based on their long-term experience in food purchasing, production, risk-assessment, and their connection to our internal laboratory managers and appraisers. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Acute Problem-Solving

All of our actions are targeted towards supporting our customers in their own fields of business. Ideally this should be preventative, but not everything in life can be planned. In particular, when unexpected situations arise, it’s all the more important to act swiftly and effectively.

  • Internal processes that suddenly go haywire
  • Complaints issued by the authorities
  • Pressing demands from customers or others

Whether time is of the essence or it’s just plain organizational blindness creeping up, it’s often easier to find the right way out of a critical situation when you get external support.

In combination with each of our individual services, we can quickly take all of the necessary steps on our part in order to bring about solutions.

  • Preliminary telephone consultations
  • Facility testing
  • Sampling and/or coordinating sample transportation
  • Contacting customers or the authorities
  • Maintaining continuous contact with the customer

Request for an offer or callback

Do you have questions about a certain topic? You need an individual offer?

Please, use our services to inform us about your matter of interest. You can also reach us by telephone at +49 40 797172-0

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