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Growing market

The market for organic products keeps growing all over Europe. The sales in European retailers is about 45 billion Euros according to the most recent numbers (2019). Thus Europe is the largest market for organic foods after the USA. The organic agriculture area in Europe was 16.5 million hectares in 2019 (only EU: 14.6 million ha). According to EU objectives, 25 percent of arable land will be organic in 2030. The growth is occurring in all links of the chain, such as farmers, processors and importers. The global pandemic increased the importance of organic products for the consumer.

Seals of Approval

Products may only be labelled “organic” is they meet the legal regulations imposed for this. Those are the European organic regulation.

Up to date on the biological legislation

The GBA Group has a large network in the world of organic products. We provide clients with quick information about changes in the organic legislation; usually changes to the maximum residue limits (MRLs). The permissible MRLS are lower for the organic industry than for the normal industry. The GBA Group has sensitive analysis methods to detect even very low concentrations of pesticides. The Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) Federal Association of Natural Foods and Natural Goods has certified the GBA Group as a laboratory.

Worldwide audits

Because organic products or often more expensive than regular ones, fraud is lurking everywhere. Research into fraud and authenticity is important. The GBA Group can offer independent inspection, sampling and container loading seals in more than one hundred countries.


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