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Agro Services

Catering to the needs of the market and our clients from the agrochemical industry, GBA POLSKA offers services including experimental field research of pesticides and laboratory analysis of plant protection product residues.

Our AGRO Services division specializes in comprehensive field research to evaluate the efficacy and selectivity of plant protection products in agricultural and horticultural crops.

Testing for pesticides residues

At the same time, AGRO Services offers testing for pesticide residues in plant material. The testing process comprises application of the analyte on a cultivated area, and, subsequently, sampling and laboratory analysis. The state-of-the-art laboratory at AGRO Services specializes in using LC/MS and GC/MS to analyze plant protection product residues in plant material collected during field research or delivered to the laboratory by order of the client.

The research is performed in accordance with the applicable EPPO standards, which guarantees top quality.

Our Agro Services

We are offering Field Research, Field Residue Studies and Analytical Residue Studies as our Agro Services. Read below how we evaluate the efficacy of plant protection products and analyze pesticide residues from field samples.

Field Research

Field research according to GEP that is efficacy evaluation of plant protection products including: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, bacteriocides, plant growth regulators and seed treatments. We are permitted to carry on research in field and under covers for such crops as: spring and winter cereals, maize, oilseed crops, root crops, fibre crops, legumes, various fruits and vegetables as well as berry crops.

Field Residue Studies

Field phase of residue studies according to GLP that is application of plant protection products in order to obtain samples for the analytical phase of residue studies

Analytical Residue Studies

Analytical phase of residue studies according to GLP that is quantification of presticide residues in field samples using instrumental analysis - LCMS and/or GCMS.

Our test facility is well equipped with two Shimadzu triple-quad mass spectrometers LCMS 8050, Shimadzu triple-quad GCMS-TQ, plot combine Haldrup are available.

Our Certificates

Find our GLP certificate here: GBA POLSKA GLP Certificate

Find our GEP certificate here (Polish language): GBA POLSKA GEP Certificate



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