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ABF – Clinical Trial Supply 

Specialized in complex clinical trial designs

ABF is specialized in complex clinical trial designs and offers services including the labeling, packaging and distribution of pharmaceuticals with market authorization and of investigational medicinal products (IMPs/INDs).

As a specialized full-service provider, we offer you flexible solutions to meet all your individual needs. Our range of services includes importing and exporting IMPs (INDs), sourcing, labeling and packaging of products, certifying EU batch releases as well as controlled environment warehousing and transporting.

We offer a wide selection of labels for pharmaceutical products, in single- or multi-language format, including tear-off labels for all primary containers including bottles, blisters, vials, syringes, etc. Our services include primary and secondary packing as well as cold chain labeling.

Great experience in clinical research

Our dedicated staff’s experience in clinical research, including the monitoring side of clinical trials and IMP handling as well laboratory work, helps us to communicate better with clinical trial teams and investigational sites.

Our experience in Europe, the USA, CEE and Asia, combined with the continuous expansion of our distribution network, enables us to provide a global reach. Our dedicated team will ensure the correct delivery of your clinical trial supplies on time and within budget.

Please feel free to visit us any time to audit our facilities and ensure that we are working in accordance with GxP.

Complex clinical trial designs and unique logistic services

ABF focuses on complex clinical trial designs and offers a unique combination of logistic services through our global network. It is precisely this flexibility and personal approach that differentiates us from our competitors.

Located in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe, we are in the optimal position to provide efficient solutions for the packaging, distribution, QP release, transport and storage of pharmaceutical products including pharmaceutical service solutions for a range of cell-based therapies as well as central laboratory services including an audited PBMC network.

Our professional team brings extensive experience to the challenges of modern-day clinical trials. We are flexible and follow a customized approach for each of our clients. Our team’s flexibility, dedication and experience are what makes ABF unique. It has enabled us to become the trusted partner for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and CROs.

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Benjamin Baranyai
Business Development
+43 676 897 11 55 20

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Short List of our Services

  • Import/Export and Customs Clearance
  • GMP Storage for a Variety of Temperature Ranges
  • Controlled Drug Status
  • Qualified GDP Transport (all Temperature Ranges)
  • Clinical Supplies Project Management
  • Label Text Translation and Verification
  • Label Design and In-House Printing (GMP-Compliant)
  • Customized Primary and Secondary Packaging
  • Labeling and Cold Chain Labeling
  • Comparator Sourcing
  • Return Supplies, Reconciliation, Storage and Destruction
  • QP Release and Consultancy Services
  • Quality Management
  • Patient Kit Labeling and Assembly
  • Sample Collection, Reconciliation, Storage and Shipment to Testing Laboratories

All Services for

  • Pharmaceuticals with Market Authorization
  • IMPs (Investigational Medicinal Products)
  • Narcotics and other Controlled Pharmaceuticals
  • Personalized Cell Therapy and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs)
  • Medical Devices

Our experienced and committed team offers a comprehensive range of services in the following areas

Labeling & Packaging



Import & Export

QP Release

Quality Management



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Clinical Trial Supply

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