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GBA MDS - Medical Device Services


Qualification and Evaluation of Medical Devices

GBA MDS is one of Europe's leading providers for the qualification and evaluation of medical devices. The portfolio includes laboratory analyses and other services in connection with the qualification of the biological compatibility of medical devices and their materials, the qualification of manufacturing, cleaning, packaging, sterilization processes and packaging systems as well as the validation of the reprocessing of medical devices.

Biological safety testing of medical devices for your patient safety

Medical products are those that come into direct physical contact with patients and users and are therefore particularly sensitive products. At GBA Medical Device Services, we support manufacturers in developing, certifying, and producing safe medical devices. Our services include comprehensive laboratory analyses of raw materials, products, and packaging, focusing on sterility and biocompatibility, as well as validation of manufacturing and cleaning processes.

Our test laboratories at GBA Medical Device Services have been synonymous with success for medical device manufacturers since 1994.

Our services are based on:

  • expertise built on thousands of successfully qualified devices, processes and procedures
  • intelligent strategies for optimizing product and patient safety
  • quality with official accreditation / certification by authorities
  • independence and impartiality through our successful business operations
  • international acceptance from our participation in standardization committees and bodies of experts
  • trust and confidence of our customers
GBA Group Medical Devices competencies at a glance

GBA Group Medical Devices competencies at a glance

GBA MDS - Integrity of sterile barrier systems
case study

Integrity of sterile barrier systems

GLP certified
Service and Strategy

Service and Strategy



Standards and Directives

Standards and Directives



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