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GBA MDS - The intelligent approach to biological safety

The intelligent approach to biological safety

We perform tests, characterizations and evaluations of the biological safety of your medical devices and manufacturing processes

  • using intelligent strategies instead of cost-intensive “cookie-cutter” testing programms

  • as product-specific processes, considering all available material, product and process information

  • supported with valid, high-sensitive and high-informative test systems

  • in compliance with up-to-date directives, standards and guidance documents

  • drawing on expertise that extends far beyond mere implementation of guidance documents and normative specifications

  • to establish optimized product and patient safety

Our core areas of expertise

  • Qualification of biocompatibility of devices/materials

  • Qualification and monitoring of manufacturing, cleaning, packaging and sterilization procedures and packaging systems

  • Validation of reusability

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GBA MDS - Cytotoxicity of medical devices

Cytotoxicity of medical devices

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If you seek efficient, safe qualification for your processing/reprocessing contact us at

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