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New Glyphosate / Glufosinate Analysis at the GBA Group

New Glyphosate / Glufosinate Analysis at the GBA Group

New Glyphosate / Glufosinate Analysis

Glyphosate and glufosinate are among the most frequently used herbicides (weed killers) worldwide. While glyphosate has been in the media spotlight for many years, an increase in positive findings for glufosinate has only recently been observed. This also has to do with analytics. Neither glyphosate nor glufosinate can be analyzed using the usual pesticide multi-methods. Instead, a specific single substance method needs to be used.

However, with the new methodology established at the GBA Group, it is not necessary to carry out two single substance methods. GBA now offers the analysis of glyphosate (incl. the metabolite AMPA) and glufosinate (incl. the metabolites MPP and NAG) as a combined method at an attractive price. In addition to the price advantage, this method also saves time compared to carrying out two individual substance analyses.

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