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How to secure a source of vitamins? - International Fruit Day 2022

How to secure a source of vitamins? - International Fruit Day 2022

On July 1st, the International Fruit Day is celebrated all over the world. Did you know? Since 2007, the "Honor Day for Fruits" exists and originates from Berlin! Every year, the fruit of the year is chosen for this occasion - in 2022, this honor goes to the blackberry.

For consumers, it is of course particularly important that fruit from the store can be enjoyed safely. The problem: Influences on the fruit, e.g. by weather or pests, are unpredictable and are often compensated for by the use of pesticides. Residues of these substances can then remain in the fruit and be absorbed into the human body when consumed.

It is therefore no surprise that residue analysis, testing for heavy metals and microbiology are areas of focus for the fruit industry. Producers, suppliers and the retailers have to have their products tested. With our many years of experience, we advise on which products should be tested for which residues, which substances are currently particularly critical, and which requirements must be met for sampling and analysis in order to ensure the safety of the fruit.

Our services also include the legal assessment of analytical results, advice on possible consequences, and classification in the overall food science and technology context.

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