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Lavetan is again certified as Factory of the Future

Lavetan is again certified as Factory of the Future

Last Thursday, Jan Robrechts, Managing Director Lavetan, received the certificate from the Flemish initiative Made Different for the second time that confirms again: Lavetan is a Factory of the Future. The award is valid for 3 years.

“We are, of course, very proud of this recognition as an innovative and open-minded player in the market. Above all it guarantees our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that we are a leading partner today and, in the future”, Jan Robrechts, Managing Director Lavetan says and adds: “This is a success of the whole Lavetan team. Huge thanks to all colleagues who participated in this process.”

What is behind Factory of the Future?

With this award the Flemish government, the technology federation Agoria and its joint research centre Sirris honor companies that maximally exploit the potential of modern production technologies and excel in handling energy as well as materials. Besides technological innovation, social innovation is also high on the agenda, with special attention paid to staff involvement, creativity and autonomy in a human-oriented approach.

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