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Görtler Analytical Services is Joining the GBA Group

Hamburg/Vaterstetten, December 16th, 2019. The GBA Group is expanding its regional presence in southern Germany with the acquisition of the service laboratory görtler analytical services gmbh, based in Vaterstetten, near Munich. The acquisition was made to support the strategic goal of being able to provide environmental analysis at a regional level throughout Germany.

For many years, görtler analytical services gmbh has been one of the leading providers of environmental analyses (soil, water, air) in the metropolitan region of Munich. By joining the GBA Group, görtler analytical services gmbh will benefit from the expansion of their range of services, particularly in the field of pollutants and contaminants (e.g. asbestos, dioxins, pesticides).

Ralf Murzen, Global Head of Environment EVP for the GBA Group: “With the laboratory located in Vaterstetten near Munich, it opens up the opportunity for the GBA Group to provide our services to customers in southern Germany even faster and more directly. Furthermore, we are tapping into new potential to reach clients in the fields of public utilities and waste management, as well as construction and building management.”

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