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Accreditation Site Berlin

Accreditation Site Berlin

Our environmental laboratory in Berlin is now accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025:2018! The team in Berlin has built up and established the laboratory for environmental analysis during the last year and has successfully passed several audits in 2020. It is now fully operational. The main focus of our Berlin Site is asbestos/fibre analysis of material and indoor air samples using REM-analysis. The range of services also includes soil samples, construction/demolition debris samples, building contaminants, ground/drinking/waste water as well as indoor air measurements with subsequent sampling, preparation and processing of soil and construction/demolition debris samples.

In Berlin, we offer full consultation and comprehensive support on services, from swift sample extraction to analytic results.

Do you have any questions about our laboratory in Berlin? Please feel free to contact us:

Tel.: +49 30 6392-1981
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