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In order to conserve natural resources such as coal, the industry also draws upon refuse-derived fuels (RDFs) such as dry sludge, tires, or roofing felt as sources of energy. The German federal emissions protection law defines maximum levels for the emissions resulting from incinerating these alternative fuels. In order to remain under these limits, the fuels must have the right quality and composition. Testing is conducted using standardized methods that the Federal Association for Secondary Fuels and Recycled Wood (Bundesgütegemeinschaft Sekundärbrennstoffe und Altholz e.V.) have defined in order to assure the quality of sampling, sample preparation, and analysis.

The GBA Group not only analyzes what is put into these kinds of facilities, but also analyzes the output for the declaration.

The company-internal analysis is often conducted by an in-house company laboratory or a qualified external laboratory. This includes checking raw materials, process water, wastewater, as well as product-specific analyses.

The GBA Group can function either as an external company laboratory or operate directly.

In addition to fuels and refuse-derived fuels, our accredited laboratories also analyze residual materials from waste incineration plants, process waters, as well as intermediate products and final products of industrial facilities. For this, the GBA Group draws upon a wide range of accredited methods, an array of high-tech devices, and numerous methods that have been developed in-house.


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