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Application tips

There are just a few simple steps from initial contact to employment contract:

Your online application

First of all, send us your online application via our application portal. This will accelerate the whole process and ensure transparency. We will send you a confirmation as soon as we have received your documents.


Please be sure to send us the following documents:

  • Your cover letter should primarily tell us why you have applied to the GBA Group – either for a specific post or a speculative application. We are interested in you: be authentic and convince us that you are the ideal candidate!
  • Your curriculum vitae is up to date, complete and clearly laid out.
  • We want to see your relevant, up to date certificates.

Please send us your application in pdf format.

The interview


The invitation will already let you know who you will speak to at the interview.

Do you have any questions about the GBA Group in general or in more detail? We will be happy to answer them during the interview. We also want to learn more about you, so be prepared to talk to us about your experiences and your qualifications. We also want to find out what you expect from GBA as your employer and your prospective workplace.

Next steps

As a rule, one intensive interview will be sufficient for us to reach a decision. Occasionally, a second interview or follow-up telephone interview may be necessary. The time and date will be arranged with you and we will be happy to answer further questions at any time.

The contract

A decision should be taken roughly 10 days after we have spoken with you. We usually invite several potential candidates to give us the opportunity of finding the best one.

If we choose you – and you choose the GBA Group – we will look forward to welcoming you as our new team member in the very near future.

If at first you don’t succeed, please try again. The next time you see an exciting position in our listings, send us a new application and we will take another look.


Ready to find out which roles we can offer?

Then you have come to the right place. We look forward to receiving your application – either for a specific role or on your own initiative. Be a part of the future with the GBA Group.

Working at GBA Group

We demand high standards of competence, team spirit and commitment at the GBA Group – this is true for our staff and for our services. We want you to enjoy working for and with us.


Company culture

Dynamic interaction, open exchange of ideas, trustworthy communication – these are core values for us at the GBA Group. We want our team to develop together.

Schoolchildren and trainees

Are you looking for an internship? Requirements and answers can be found here.

Students and graduates

Are you at university or have you just graduated? Let’s talk.

Personnel department

Who can you speak to? Get to know the GBA Group personnel department.

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