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Future-oriented, enthusiastic, open to new opportunities

The GBA Group is a “young” company, even if we have just celebrated our 30th anniversary. When we say “young,” we mean forward-thinking, enthusiastic, open to new opportunities – and always keen to find new colleagues.

Insights into GBA Group

Vanessa Hagemann
GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH, Hamburg, in the company since 2016

Vanessa Hagemann

Even though it’s often stressful in the lab, there’s never a lack of fun

Why do you do the job you have now?

When I was in school, the natural sciences were always the subjects that were the easiest for me, so it was clear to me at a relatively young age that I also wanted to do something in this direction professionally. At first, I decided to study food chemistry, but I stopped due to personal reasons. Afterwards, I successfully completed my professional training as a laboratory assistant at GBA and since then I also became responsible for supervising the trainees here.

What is the most positive aspect of the GBA Group for you?

In my opinion, it’s the nice colleagues and the relaxed atmosphere. Even though it’s often stressful in the lab, there’s never a lack of fun. Some of my colleagues have also become really good friends of mine who I also enjoy meeting with in my free time.

The ocean or the mountains?

Tough question, I’d like to combine both of them, but if I had to decide, I guess I would take the mountains. Especially since my trip to Norway in 2019 I have been quite fond of them.

Mario Frick
GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH, Hamburg, in the company since 2017

Mario Frick

With the growth of the GBA Group and the desire for change, I have had the opportunity to help shape the future of the company

What is the most fun aspect of your job?

It’s actually the range of tasks, the flexibility, the variety, and the personal contact with people.

Why do you do the job you have now?

My journey into IT was determined by a random occurrence in my youth. Now I see that taking this step was really a stroke of luck.

What should the GBA Group still continue to work on?

The GBA Group is on the right path, but in my opinion, there’s still more work to do in terms of organization and it needs more courage to make faster decisions.

Denny Spallek y Kudicke
Sample entry
GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH, Hamburg, in the company since 2018

Denny Spallek y Kudicke

My colleagues are the best part about my work, because they are always willing to help

When you were a child, what did you want to be?

When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot, because I was very interested in aviation in general, and still am today.

What is the most positive aspect of the GBA Group for you?

In my opinion, the biggest plus point is the further development of GBA Group. Thanks to the constant growth of the company, new and diverse jobs are created. This gives you the opportunity to develop professionally and, potentially, to move up the career ladder.

The ocean or the mountains?

It’s a tough decision for me, but I can’t go without the ocean. I grew up directly at the Mediterranean and so I feel really connected with the water.

Our strengths

We asked our colleagues what sets us apart. What emerged were the strengths of the GBA Group:

Team chemistry

The chemistry is right, and not just in our labs and in our analyses. Support for one another is natural for us – even as the company grows, we do our best to maintain it.

Passionate about science

We enjoy doing our work. Of course, it can also be stressful at times, but we always get the opportunity to develop ourselves in what we do.

Growing together

For us that means that the opportunities for individuals to develop should grow with the company. New chances, prospects, and opportunities to move up – our journey together has only just begun.

Steep learning curve

We firmly believe that our knowledge expands when we share it. Thanks to the intensive exchange of knowledge, we continue to develop ourselves and can master new challenges.

Freedom of ideas

We promote an open, feedback-friendly culture and mutual communication. It is our conviction that mutual inspiration and room for your own ideas spurs innovation: Your ideas are what drive us. They make us better.

Flexible careers

We support a healthy work-life balance because we care about our colleagues. We’re convinced that only those who balance work and leisure well throughout the widely varied stages of life can realize their full potential.

Boredom is for other companies

We are growing fast, which means our work is defined by change and new, exciting challenges. We take these on together, question established beliefs, and foster new and innovative solutions.


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