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Lavetan is more than just a lab: we are your trusted partner

Lavetan is more than just a lab: They are your trusted partner

Lavetan offers a high level of expertise in microbiological and chemical analyses. Our customers deserve nothing less than the very best quality and service. We take the burden from their shoulders by employing customization, which removes the need for excessive administration. But what does a seamless collaboration look like? We talked about it with Kristien Adriaensen (Account Manager) and Doreen Berghmans (Customer Service).

Someone to lean on

Every good collaboration is based on listening carefully to our customers. We start by discussing the current state of affairs during a consultation:

  • Is there already an analysis plan in place?
  • What support and service does the customer expect?
  • What parameters are we going to check?
  • What added value can we offer?

We compile all this information into a comprehensive implementation sheet. Kristien emphasizes: "We can respond better to what the customer needs and wants by gathering as much information as possible." During the first few months, we maintain regular contact. This allows us to rapidly detect any basic errors in.

More than just testing

Lavetan has numerous carriers whose daily tasks include picking up samples or perform sampling themselves. We not only review the sampling frequency, but also at the best times for the customer to pick them up.

A company should not adapt to the supplier. We put the needs and wishes of the customer first.
Kristien Adriaensen, Account Manager

Sampling a predefined time or one-off testing? "Every day, our dispatchers prepare the schedule for the following day," Kristien says. This allows us to remain flexible to deal with urgent matters and even crises . Are multiple collections required? If so, we schedule them in advance. We protect all data in our proprietary software program. By automating tasks, we have even more time for customization to meet customer needs.

A critical look

As a trusted partner, we take a critical look at your analysis plan together. Kristien says: "If an analysis does not make sense, it does not add value to the customer. In such cases, we examine which analyses do make sense and provide insight. As a partner and service-oriented lab, we focus on what our customers need."

Your own portal

Customers have their own dashboard in our free, online portal. This allows them to indicate which products they will submit for which analysis. This data is read in automatically: time-consuming administration for quality managers is replaced by automatic processes. Customers can also take a look at their comprehensive customized reports here. Doreen says: "This is much faster, more efficient and direct." Everything is available digitally in a single portal – from administration to reports.

Lavetan is a one-stop shop for food company analyses. We are experts in both microbiological and chemical analyses.
Kristien Adriaensen, Account Manager

Custom reporting

Lavetan goes beyond mere reporting. "This is another way that we offer our customers flexibility and customization," Doreen says. "Customers determine what information they want and the desired format." Once-a-month schematic reports, or a comprehensive analysis for the biweekly meetings? Customers control how much reporting they receive and how often. Are their results non-compliant? If so, they will immediately receive an early warning: an email notifying them that deviating results have been found during the investigation. With this customization and service, we take the burden off our customers, relieving them of administrative tasks.


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